Transport Sequence Review and Revision

This initiative was developed at the request of the faculty by an ad hoc committee consisting of members of the curriculum committee andinstructors of the courses in the Transport sequence. Participants include Mike Graham, Nick Abbott, Eric Codner, Rafael Chavez, Dan Klingenberg, Regina Murphy, Thatcher Root, Ross Swaney, and John Yin.

Current transport sequence:
CBE 320 - Transport Phenomena
CBE 324 - Transport Laboratory (designed to accompany and demonstrate concepts from 320)

CBE 326 - Unit Operations

December, 2007 - DJK collected syllabi to initiate review of existing courses. Collected series syllabi

Jan. 17, 2007 - Group met to discuss CBE 320 and 326. Many ideas for changes in content and preparation raised. Focus of next meeting will be on content and potential of the Transport Lab. For preparation, material on CBE 324 and 424 (Process and Unit Operations Laboratory) will be available. -- CBE 324 manual and CBE 424 manual are now posted for review before our next meeting. Also, memo version of the distillation experiment as used in Summer 2007 is posted now.

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