Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
University of Wisconsin - Madison

Timeline of Significant Curriculum Changes

The department has been actively updating and improving the Chemical Engineering curriculum steadily over the years.  These varied changes have been identified by the faculty based on inputs from alumni, companies, peer institutions, and the students themselves. This list mentions many of the modifications that have contributed to the ongoing evolution of our degree program.  In addition, many updates and modernizations are occurring within individual chemical engineering courses.

Biology Course Requirement: 2004
Liberal Studies Course Option expansion: 2004
Department Name Change: 2003
General Education Requirements
Physical Chemistry: Quantum Mechanics and Statistical Mechanics
Statistics Requirement
Removal of Engineering Statics
Calculus Course Change
Chemical Engineering Introductory Course Revision: 1998
Updating Program Outcomes and Objectives: 1998, 2004

All students beginning their Chemical Engineering degrees in January 2004 or later must satisfy the 2004 Curriculum, in which the Biology courses replaced the Advanced Chemistry Elective and the Chemistry Laboratory Elective from the prior curriculum. Students who declared their Chemical Engineering major before then may continue to work under the requirements in force at that time, or may shift to the new requirements.  Advisor-approved substitutions may be used to use a combination of requirements that is appropriate for the student's particular interests and satisfies the spirit of the degree requirements. 

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